so good !

so good !

“That vegan dog is one diggety doggie!”Anne S

“Get your Dog at Serendoggity! they are fresh, great tasting and at a great price! Service is excellent, owner is amazing! “John R

“The Bangkok Dog’s spicy peanut sauce brought me back to the beaches of SE Asia, yummy and exotic”James F

“Serendoggety’s sauces and toppings are tantalizingly creative and downright  delicious! ” Barbara C
“was walking down Abbot Kinney Ave. and saw this hot dog cart, something I haven’t seen since my days as a street punk in the Bronx years ago. I ordered the thai styled hog and on first bite I was an instant fan. It was really tasty and organic to boot. It’s called Serendoggity. The owner Frederick said that he would be there most weekends and guess what? So will I.”  Lawrence M
“we had the best hot dogs we’ve everrrrrrr had today at abbot kinney.thank u so so much serendoggity. Good Luck & see you around :)” Elham S

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