Huffington Post – one of LA’s best hot dogs

“It’s the little hot dog cart that could — of late, delivering organic hot dogs to Abbot Kinney. We recently found it slinging its beef, turkey and veggie dogs in front of El Vino Wines. Serendoggity is the United Nations of dogs — think Vienna Dog, Bangkok Dog and Rio Grande Dog; there wasn’t a signature dog, so what the heck, we ordered the Seoul Dog — covered in kimchi, spicy mayonnaise, shrimp chip crumbles and black sesame seeds. Despite the bun not being grilled or toasted and the hot dog itself being the healthiest, grass-fed beef dog we’ve ever put in our mouths, it was an all-around good ol’ modern hot dog. Even if it was hiding under its Korean toppings. We’d do it again, watching our figures notwithstanding.”

Yelp  4.5 stars