What inspired Serendoggity?

Serendoggity is the synergy of the unexpected and the known, a lifetime of globetrotting combined with exploring my backyard, a regular NY style street cart combining surprising flavors from our world’s cuisines, delicious hot dogs and sausages that are also organic, natural and healthy. Good never tasted so guiltless.

Street food has always been an exciting and delicious part of the journey, fueling my travels around the world. Hot dogs are arguably the original and last remaining American variation on the theme and Serendoggity infuses this tradition with the flavors of the cuisines I have encountered. It’s your passport to hotdogs.

Nothing is better than stumbling upon that hole in the wall in a back alley that serves you a dish you never forget. Nothing is better than ordering the usual and realizing all over again how unusually delicious the tried and true can be. Serendoggity is that twist in the trail, the road less traveled but all the better for discovering, a whirl around the world at a city corner near you, a healthy hot dog from back in the days when critters ate grass and grass grew wild. Nothing is better than knowing what you eat is a throwback to a time before hormones, preservatives, additives and fillers became part of your food. Good for you, good for the planet.

Are your hot dogs organic?

All Serendoggity hot dogs and sausages (beef or turkey) are certified USDA Organic, which means without hormones, antibiotics, growth promoters, artificial nitrites or nitrates (celery salt is used instead)  and fed a strictly vegetarian diet. They are without gluten or casein.  The beef dogs comes from grass fed cows. The vegetarian hot dogs are certified USDA Natural and are also vegan.  Bacon is certified USDA Natural without hormones, antibiotics, growth promoters,artificial nitrites or nitrates (celery salt is used instead) and fed a strictly vegetarian diet.

Are your hot dogs gluten free?

Yes, completely, except for the vegan ones which do utilize gluten. However, Serendoggity provides corn tortillas instead of buns for the gluten intolerant, and combining with a beef or chicken hot dog allows a gluten free meal.